27 January 2022

Gheorghe Russu

Vice-director, The Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption

Parties-Phantoms, Parties - State Institutions, Parties - State Enterprises


20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

Last week illustrated

Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

No matter who wins mayoralty, City Hall’s work will be hindered by battles between parties

Antoniţa Fonari p... 17 June 2011, 11:42

The electoral programs of the candidates are the main means by which they inform the voters about their work priorities and concrete solutions to the identified problems. However, the people in Moldova do not usually vote according to candidates’ platforms. They make a choice rather according to the ethnic and linguistic origin, the level of studies, and the place of origin – urban or rural. They can also resort to boycott – the Democrats won in 2009 because the voters got tired of the Communists. Things seem to go into reverse now.

Protection of Personal Data within the Dialogue on Visa Liberalization and the Negotiation of the Association Agreement between the R. of Moldova and the EU

Bogdan Manolea, Ce... 10 June 2011, 16:01 1

Protection of personal data in the Republic of Moldova (RM) is a relatively new topic that has lately occurred in the debates, especially in the perspective of the dialogue on visa liberalization, and the negotiation of the future Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union (EU).

"Soft Power" Against "Rough Power" or Work One Enjoys Never Feels Too Hard

Irina Severin 25 October 2010, 15:56

The attempt to present the election campaign in Moldova as a "war between the East and the West", undertaken lately at the instigation of the private American global intelligence agency Stratfor, is wrong at least for one simple reason - that only one side is fighting, imitating the so-called "soft power".

The Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis and the "Transnistrian Coordinate"

Denis CENUSA 25 October 2010, 15:46

Relations between the EU and Russia are deeply bound together by the dialogue between three European "giants" - Medvedev, Merkel and Sarkozy who recently met in the French town of Deauville.

Brussels Encouraging, Tiraspol Troubling

Denis CENUSA 1 October 2010, 14:42

Having laid the first stone into the foundation of its Embassy in the separatist South Ossetia being under Russia's patronage, Tiraspol administration is trying to enhance its prestige by means of polemics with real state subjects.

The New World Order: Moldova, located in the New Russian Empire

Moldova Azi 29 September 2010, 12:50

Together with Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, Moldova is located in the New Russian Empire, according to World Order performed by professor Joel Kotkin.

Who is Misinforming: Mass Media or (Mass Media of) Filat.

Denis CENUSA 28 September 2010, 9:25

After China showing great promise, Brussels was Prime Minister Filat's next destination. Filat feels more comfortable there, having the risky wide- and slightly stipulated support from the European institutions, starting from the European Parliament and ending with a number of European Commissioners sympathizing with democratic changes that have taken place in Chisinau since 2009.

Invitation to the Dialogue

Boris Asarov 21 September 2010, 17:23

The politically eventful summer of this year in Moldova was marked by the event which in perspective can result in the qualitative changes in the regional policy urging the gradual Transnistrian conflict settlement.

Brussels Showing Its True Colors with the Referendum Failed

Denis CENUSA 21 September 2010, 17:19

The scattered splinters of the September 5th Constitutional referendum haven't had their impact yet on the European officials, who closely watched it starting from the initial stage, sometimes intervening to manage maneuvers of non-cooperating democratic political forces of Chisinau.

Liberal Democrats Want a “Green” President for Moldova

Denis CENUSA 11 August 2010, 13:22

It’s official - the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) will participate by itself at the President elections. The formation’s congress will decide who will run as a candidate.

The List Mystery

Ion PREAŞCĂ 4 September 2010, 15:13

At the beginning of the last week, the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision Rosselhoznadzor banned fruit import from over one hundred Moldovan companies.

Why was the interconnection of energy and gas systems of Romania and Republic of Moldova not carried out?

Ion PREAŞCĂ 27 May 2010, 13:55

Romania and the Republic of Moldova continue examining the opportunities concerning the interconnection of energy and natural gas delivery systems.

Case study: “Curier” on NIT on 24 June 2009. Material by Victoria Filip

IJC 7 July 2009, 12:32 video 1

On 24 June, NIT, a TV station with quasi-national coverage, resumed reporting on allegations of corruption launched by a group of representatives of passenger transportation companies against the Chişinău Mayor’s Office and Mayor Chirtoacă who is participating in the campaign on the Liberal Party’s lists.

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Rethink Moldova

Stefan Fule and Ph... 24 March 2010, 16:35

With an average yearly income of only 1,100 Euros, Moldovans have seen their country steadily grow in the past decade only to run into the headwinds of the global economic crisis.