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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Which Moldovan Citizens help the Romanian Oligarch Vintu

The last week scandal with imprisonment of the Romanian oligarch Sorin Ovidiu Vintu (the owner of the Realitatea group in Romania, Publika TV in Moldova and others) revealed some Moldovan citizens' active participation in his affairs.
Ion PREAŞCĂ, 21 September 2010, 17:28

The names of Octavian Turcan, living in Truseni, Moldova, and Gennady Nipomici were presented in the news most frequently due to their active participation.

Octavian Turcan, Public Danger in Romania

The most widespread name at the moment, along with the one of Vintu, is the name of Octavian Turcan who, according to the affirmations, transferred money to another businessman - Nicolae Popa, when he was wanted by the police as a result of the passing of court sentence to be imprisoned for 15 years and who was detained by prosecutors on Thursday, September 9. According to the Prosecutor's Office's arguments, „there are grounds stipulated by the article 148 e) of the Procedural Criminal Code, as the crime commited by the defendant Octavian Turcan envisages a more than 4-year imprisonment and there are prooves to his freedom stay representing public danger".

According to the report of the Supreme Court of Review and Justice's press service, "the crime investigation established that the money had been transferred in accordance with the order of the accused Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, by means of a bank transfer, from the bank account in Nicosia, Cyprus, to the account of a company registered in Indonesia, Popa Nicolae had access to with Octavian Turcan's help, or in cash with Alexandr Stoian's support".

"Justice cannot be on TV", Turcan said when entering the Supreme Court of Review and Justice, according to Mediafax.
As it was reported earlier, on Thursday, September 9, prosecutors gathered Soring Ovidiu Vintu, Liviu Luca, President of the Petrom Free Trade Unions Federation, Octavian Turcan and Alexandr Stoian on the case of Nicolae Popa, Gelsor ex-director sentenced to 15-year imprisonment for the collapse of the National Investment Fund (NIF) who was hiding from the Romanian justice until recently in Indonesia. After the NIF collapse, 10 years ago, 300,000 investors lost over 300 million euros.
Octavian Turcan is registered as living in the village of Truseni, Chisinau municipality, and figured in mass media's investigations as one of Sorin Vintu's mediators/managers.

In the beginning of the third millennium, he appears as a director or shareholder of some businesses managed by Vintu. Even more than that! He is considered as one of key persons who established Vintu's empire.

Octavian Turcanu's name appears for the first time in business in the Romanian bank of discount where he held the position of Vice President. The whole business carried out in 2000's in which Sorin Ovidiu Vintu was also participating ended up with the bank's bankruptcy and about $20 million losses.

In the interview to the Bursa newspaper, the Romanian bank of discount ex-President Doru NIcolaescu describes Octavian Turcan as a person who created a chain of off-shore companies, though which Sorin Ovidiu Vintu was managing affairs. The detailed information about it is here.

Octavian Turcan is among representatives of the Stonecom Limited company from Cyprus, in the Imobiliar Network 2002 company with assets in the amount of over 177 million Romanian leis and which, perhaps, possesses the whole property of Sorin Ovidiu Vintu. "On the whole, the matter concerns property worth several tens millions euros. This is how Sorin Ovidiu Vintu real estate empire looks like in outline. However, the whole mentioned real estate is registered as property of the Imobiliar Network 2002 company, the former Gelsor Network company belonging to Sorin Ovidiu Vintu and now possessed by the Stonecom Ltd off-shore company from the tax heaven in Cyprus", according to Evenimentul Zilei's investigation in 2006.

Sorin Ovidiu Freciu, Octavian Turcan, Radu Bobu, Gennadii Nipomici (with one share) and Stonecom Ltd, the shareholder with 99.9 percent, are the current stockholders of the Imobiliar Network 2002 JSC.

According to Romania's Commercial Register, Octavian Turcan is a shareholder of two more companies: SISTEME DE MANAGEMENT PERFORMANT LTD, holding 50 percent of stock together with his wife Alexandra, and TULORIS INTERNATIONAL LTD, being the co-owner of 33 percent of shares together with two foreign citizens. The TULORIS INTERNATIONAL LTD is the real estate agency, though not demonstrating any impressive results over the last few years.
Sisteme de management performant LTD appears in one of the Romanian Competition Council's documents showing that this company is a part of the ELBAHOLD Ltd company reported by mass media as controlled indirectly by Sorin Ovidiu Vintu.
Octavian Turcan was also mentioned in another scandal connected with the insurance company Delta Asigurari, the company controlled through the Tabor Project Limited (London), the JSC, shareholders of which are from Cyprus (Ranohold Limited), and which is legally represented by Octavian Turcan. In the interview to Emilia Sercan in 2006, Sorin Ovidiu Vintu said: "I am not aware of affairs of Mr. Turcan, an important businessman in the country, who even worked with me few years ago.

Nipomici - Vintu's financial consultant

Another Moldovan citizen - Gennadi Nipomici, who is also a licensed lawyer in Romania, is more presented in Vintu's business.
It is said about him that before becoming Vintu's financial consultant he worked in the Moldova President Apparatus in the time of Petr Lucinschi. He is registered in the Ministry of Justice in Chisinau as a founder and President of the Public Consumer Rights Protection Assocition "CONSUM PROTECT".

Nipomici's name doesn't appear directly in this scandal but wiretapping of the telephone talks between Sorin Ovidiu Vintu and Turcan registers one Gennadii, known by both of them, with whom Turcan was supposed to establish contact to clarify the matter of bank accounts through which the money was transferred to Indonesia. It is noted in the statement with the proposal to take decision regarding the preliminary arrest of September 10, 2010 presented in Bucharest Tribunal by the prosecutor Marius Iacob that "On 15th of December, 2009 at 12:44:05, Gennadii contacted Octavian Turcan and their conversation made it clear that it is Gennadii Nipomici who receives the bank accounts' coordinates. The document also reads that "According to Gennadii Nipomici's attestation of 11th of January 2010, the witness and the accused Octavian Turcan are the directors of some companies in Cyprus.

According to the Commercial Register of Romania, Gennadii Nipomici has been the shareholder but mostly the representative in come off-shore companies close to Vintu though which affairs in the field of mass media, gaming, broker- and consulting agencies, oil products distribution and others are managed.

For instance, he is a representative of the off-shore Willowsworth LTD (Tortolla - British Virgin Irelands) in the Apogeu Info LTD company, where the journalist Rosca Stanescu, much spoken about, was the partner. Until 2009, Willowsworth LTD was the major shareholder of the Management Fulcrum Ltd (representative Gennadii Nipomici), which managed „Ziua" newspaper.
Nipomici also figures as a representative of the Willowsworth Nipomici Ltd (89.9%) in the Trans Euroline JSC, the company owning Nevada Casino in Buchares. The major shareholder of the SC Expresiv JSC (Radio Total from Romania) is Radoway Ltd from Cyprus (representative - Gennadii Nipomici), and the less shareholding belongs to another famous journalist - Cornelu Nistorescu. Radoway Ltd used to own a small shareholding in Realitatea TV (about 6.5%), though Global Video Media, and it also appears with 15% in the Light System JSC from Mamai.

Gennadii Nipomici, as a representative of major shareholders of Willowsworth LTD and Stonitec Limited makes a company to famous journalists Bogdan Ficiac and Petru Bacanu (the founder and director of the România Liberă) in SC Aflux Publiprod JSC (Flux TV).

He represented interests of the Comac Limited firm (90%) in the CGR Мedia LTD (Bilanţ magazine). Two other journalists Carmen and Constantin Rudnitchi figured as co-shareholders through the Media Makers LTD.

Nipomici is a representative of the Comac Ltd in GM Invest JSC (90%) and Red Apple Comunication LTD (50%). The Red Apple Comunication LTD, specializing in rendering of public communication services is connected with the scandal regarding the corruption and lobbying happened in May 2009 as a result of which the Romanian Minister for Youth and Sport Monica Iacob Ridzi was dismissed.

In the end of 2009, he also figured as an official representative of the BLUELINK COMUNICAZIONE (CYPRUS) LIMITED, holding over 80% of shares of the Realitatea Media SA (Realitatea TV). Nipomici also appears as a shareholder in the X-Oil SRL company controlled by the PSV Company, former Petromservice (with Elbahold Ltd as the major shareholder). Meanwhile, PSV Company was replaced by Comac Ltd, still controlled by Elbahold Ltd.

Dumitru Tira, the decision to transfer the money to aggravate Popa Nicolai's extradition.

Dumitru Tira, who is currently the manager of the STIRI MEDIA GRUP SRL joint enterprise, the owner of the Publika TV in Chisinau also appears in the statement proposing to take a decision on the preliminary arrest of Vintu, Turcan and Stoian. The work to aggravate the extradition of the sentenced Popa Nicolai were continued in February 2010 when the money transfer was presented as a right decision to aggravate Popa Nicolai's extradition. It should be noted that the defendant Sorin Ovidiu Vintu also used an addition way of sending money to the accused to aggravate extradition, through the so-called Tira Dmitrii (Tira Dumitru is correct) staying in Moldova".

According to results of the investigation carried out in late 2009 by the Romanian journalist investigation center, "Blue Link Comunicazione" from Cyprus, the owner of the Realitatea - Caţavencu, founded the STIRI MEDIA GRUP company in Chisinau with the capital of over 300,000 euros. This company will be in charge of the Publika TV with 4,5 million euros invested in it. In addition to the off-shore company controlled by Vintu, another only shareholder with 1.01 percent - Dmitrii Tira, ex-DJ at Unda Liberă.

Until recently, he was the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova. Tira is the Head of the Regional Cooperation Department of the European Integration Department. It is important that he also held the position of Moldova's representative in Central European Initiative (CEI) ). CEI is an important inter-governmental organization awarding journalist in cooperation with other organizations.

Another Moldovan citizen, Vitalie Dobinda, participating in Vintu's affairs, is reported as being in the past the official of Moldova's special services and of the National Bank of Moldova. He appears only in the case with two companies connected with Vintu's business. For example, in 2006, he said in the interview to the EVZ that "he is the only one I work with for the Blue Link Communicazione.

Vitalii Dobinda has appeared since 2005 in the Romanian Commercial Register as a director of the BLUELINK COMUNICAZIONE (CYPRUS) LIMITED, the company holding over 80 percent of shares in Realitatea Media SA, as well as a symbolic shareholder (one share) in Imobiliar Network 2002 SA.




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