MoJ Is itself violating law and justice - Lawyer

A breach of law - that was how the Political Council of the Centrist Union of Moldova (CUM) perceived the Ministry of Justice's refusal to register Vasile Tarlev as CUM Chairman.
INFOTAG, 29 January 2009, 18:17

Chisinau, January 29 ( INFOTAG ). At a news conference held in Infotag today, a Political Council member, prominent Moldovan lawyer Gheorghe Amihalachioae said the CUM sent a statement to all foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova.

He told the conference that first time, the Ministry of Justice refused to register former Prime Minister Tarlev as CUM Chairman under the pretext that a Union congress elected him by a show of hands, not by secret ballot. Due to this red-tape argument, the Union had to convoke a new all-republican congress that elected Vasile Tarlev "according to rules".

For the second time, however, the MoJ denied registration on the pretext that the second congress was organized several days shorter than one calendar month from the first one, as is stipulated by law. All this is certainly taking precious pre-election time, he remarked.

The lawyer said the so-far ruling Communist Party is simply afraid of a nation-wide respect for ex-premier Vasile Tarlev, and is putting every possible obstacle to him and the Centrist Union in their preparation for parliamentary elections.

Amihalachioae presumes that precisely due to this reason, the directors of 95 industrial enterprises, acting under the leadership of First Deputy Premier, Minister of Economy and Trade Igor Dodon, dismissed Tarlev as Chairman of the Moldovan Producers' Association on January 24.

"These days, we are receiving numerous addresses from citizens, who are expressing a wish to join the Centrist Union of Moldova and thus back Vasile Tarlev", Gheorghe Amihalachioae remarked.

Asked by your Infotag correspondent if Tarlev's name will be on the CUM candidates' list, the lawyer said the CUM Political Council has not discussed the list in detail yet, "but my personal opinion is that Mr. Tarlev shall be #1 on the CUM electoral list, no matter as a chairman or just as an individual. I think the Union will win 25-30% ballots at the elections".

Asked to comment the ongoing persecution of Vasile Tarlev, the lawyer said, "As you all know, nothing is done in Moldova without a permission or direct order by President Vladimir Voronin. So, neither Economy Minister Igor Dodon nor Minister of Justice Vitalie Pirlog ever do or decide anything without a permission from the President".