Coalition-2009 recommends law and order authorities not to interfere into election campaign

The Coalition-2009 for Free and Correct Elections recommends the Ministry of Interior, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Center for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption not to allow themselves taking actions of political character during the campaign for the parliamentary elections, which will take place on April 5.
INFOTAG, 29 January 2009, 18:34

Chisinau, January 29 ( INFOTAG ).

Chairman of the League for Protection of Human Rights in Moldova Paul Strutzescu said at a news conference in Infotag on Wednesday that for the period from December 23, 2008 to January 27, 2009 several cases, when the law and order authorities intimidated protesters, political leaders, Party members and treated them rudely, were registered.

"We recommend to terminate such unlawful practices in the way of fulfilling human rights in Moldova and not to allow a similar compromising behavior on the part of the law and order authorities. It would be good, if the Ministry of Interior would abstain from statements on criminal suits or transgressions during the election campaign. Some political leaders assert that their telephones are tapped and their e-mail messages are checked. We hope, if such situation exists, it will be terminated, he remarked.

Strutzescu said that the monitoring of the pre-election period did not register any vigorous activities.

"Mainly non-governmental organizations, the Central Election Commission (CEC) and some political Parties manifested activities during the winter period. Parties' striving to find solution for a joint participation in the parliamentary elections was observed. However, the Law on Political Parties restricts the formation of blocs and influences this process negatively. The law allows establishing a dictatorship on the part of the Ministry of Justice over Parties and this dictatorship can frustrate the activities of any Party", he considers.

The Coalition-2009 recommended the Ministry of Justice to provide the adequate application of the Law.

"The central authorities treat some political entities discriminatively, they refuse to lease out conference halls to them. Though the election campaign has already demonstrated a number of disorders, we hope that those involved into this campaign will feel responsibility and the elections will be conducted correctly", the expert added.

The Coalition-2009 members think that April 5 is a good date for the parliamentary elections, even if the President is elected two months later.