Son of departed Grigore Vieru plunges into politics

Businessman Calin Vieru, the son of recently departed poet Grigore Vieru, has launched in politics on the lists of Liberal-Democrats (PLDM) in the spring parliamentary poll.
Info-Prim Neo, 30 January 2009, 19:25

2009-01-30/15:35/ Chisinau (IPN) He was presented Friday at a news conference by the PLDM leadership, although he is member of the party only since last November, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Calin Vieru argued his decision saying "the continuous movement and the change for better is a natural thing for a healthy man" and added he chose the PLDM since "the are the most adequate for the desired change." "I've discovered perfect compatibility in terms of thoughts and new approaches. I found my team," said Calin Vieru.

He says he'll go on fighting for what the master (Grigore Vieru - e.n.) did, but is going to be more a sort of a pragmatist than an artist. The new PLDM member realizes his businesses are under high risk since he launched in politics. "I've fe lt no direct attack so far. I got fiscal checkups, but I took them as natural since they were also performed on neighbors," Calin Vieru said.

Vieru has avoided to say what place he will be on the Lib-Dem's list, but party leader Vlad Filat has specified "the renowned figure of Calin Vieru will be on an important position and will have the opportunity to fight for his father's ideals."

When asked why he was not presented as a PLDM member up to now, Filat has said that was the conjuncture and hopes "there will be no speculations by the political opponents at least on this issue." According to Filat, "it's not the last surprise the party prepares."

Other PLDM members told the same news conference they commit to make a correct, positive, open and constructive political campaign." "We commit to promote a campaign dominated by tolerance, truth and pluralism, not to used dirty techniques to denigrate our competitors," said Vlad Filat.

The PLDM presented another new member - former deputy foreign minister Iurie Leanca.