Roma creating a party

The first party of the Roma people, the Social Political Movement of the Roma, was created in Moldova.
INFOTAG, 18 June 2010, 10:27

First Vice Chairman of the movement Petru Baranciuc mentioned at the press conference on Thursday that the party was registered at the Ministry of Justice on March 2. The chairman of the party is the businessman Ion Bucur; the party counts 7 thousand members.

Baranciuc explained the Social Political Movement of the Roma has a centrist doctrine, whose goal is to guarantee a political stability in Moldova.

"Among the party's goals are to eradication poverty among the Roma, increase the level of literacy, facilitate access to healthcare, provide of passports for every Roma of age and create work places", said Baranciuc.

In his opinion, in order to solve the Roma's problems they must be represented in the Parliament, government and local authorities.

"The movement intends to candidate at the early parliamentary elections this fall. There are more than 250 thousand of Roma people in Moldova, out of which at least 150 thousand are in right to vote. We hope at least 100 thousand Roma people will participate in the elections", said Baranciuc, mentioning that if the movement enters the Parliament, it will support the ruling Alliance for European Integration.

The party supports the ideas of Moldova's integration into the EU and improvement of relation with the neighbor countries.

Party's Secretary Mihail Lepadatu informed that an official presentation of the Floresti territorial party's representation will take place on Friday in Floresti.

Infotag's dossier: According to the last household census in Moldova that took place in 2004, more than 3.5 million people living in Moldova (excluding Transnistria). One percent of them are the Roma.

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