Intelligence Service and Interior Ministry prepare provocations for opposition party leaders: PLDM accuses

The Service of Information and Security (SIS) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) prepare provoking actions for the opposition party leaders, following their elimination from the electoral race and gypping the elections, the Liberal Democratic Party from Moldova (PLDM) accuses.
Info-Prim Neo, 5 February 2009, 18:22

2009-02-05/18:14/ Chisinau (IPN) These institutions reject the charges, Info-Prim Neo reports.

PLDM leader Vlad Filat stated on Thursday, February 5, at a news conference that there is a department within the Service of Information and Security which has the task to watch the opposition parties and to organize provoking actions to finally influence the results of the elections, favoring the Communists Party and its allies.

A subdivision of this kind would have been created within the Direction of special missions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, called the section of political parties among the MIA officers. "This undeclared subdivision of the SIS has always existed. This depa rtment was instituted immediately in the MIA after Gheorghe Papuc returned to the post of a minister," Filat said. He said that these subdivisions have sophisticated and expensive equipment.

Vlad Filat maintains that he holds this information from sure sources. He was previously the deputy president of the Parliamentary Commission for the National Security, Defense and Public Order and of the special sub-committee for supervising thew SIS. He was among those who were presented these equipments two years ago. The PLDM leader says that he decided to make these statements at the beginning of the electoral race that is decisive for Moldova's future.

PLDM first deputy president Alexandru Tanase has remarked that it is important that the public opinion knew this information because it could happen so that arms, narcotic and explosive substances could be put in the belongings of opposition political leaders or of the members of their families.

Vit alie Nagacevschi, a member of the National Political Council of the PLDM, stated from the behalf of the PLDM leaders that "none of them intends to commit suicide, bears and will bear an arm, used, uses and is going to use narcotic substances." Nagacevschi said that this thing also refers to the family members of the PLDM leaders.

The PLDM calls on international bodies and the diplomatic missions to Moldova, to the entities monitoring the elections to intervene and determine the Chisinau governance not to imply the law-enforcing institutions into the political process and to create conditions for free and fair elections.

When asked by Info-Prim Neo to comment the PLDM's allegations, the press center of the Interior Ministry stated that "these are political aberrations. The Ministry is not involved in political games and carries out its duties in conformity with the law, defending the fundamental rights of the citizens and keeping the publ ic order."

The SIS has not commented the accusations. But its press service told Info-Prim Neo that "the SIS was is and will out of politics and, respectively, out of the electoral campaign" and that "it does not want to make advertising on the service's account."