Liberal Democrats rally in support of Moldovans abroad...

Last Sunday, the Liberal Democratic Party organized, in front of the National Opera and Ballet Theater, a meeting in support of Moldovans abroad, who are demanding from the Government to provide them conditions for voting on April 5.
INFOTAG, 9 February 2009, 16:12

Chisinau, February 9 ( INFOTAG ). The organizers are saying the event gathered nearly 4 thousand people from various regions of Moldova.

LDPM leader MP Vladimir Filat promised that if no official decision on opening extra polling stations in foreign countries is taken by February 22, the Liberal Democratic Party will organize a huge action of protest in the city's central square.

LDPM First Deputy Chairman lawyer Alexandru Tanase stated, "Hundreds of thousand citizens of Moldova, who fled from the Communist 'paradise' for the sake of survival, have been deprived of their constitutional right to vote. Without their money remittances, our country would be not able to live. But instead of gratitude, the Communist rulers are taking this right away from the breadwinners".

The meeting participants adopted a resolution demanding the Government to take urgent measures for opening polling stations in those regions of foreign countries where large communities of Moldova citizens live and work.

However, Moldovan Communist officials keep on referring to the law on elections adopted many years ago and stipulating that polling stations are only opened in Moldovan embassies.


Chisinau, February 9 ( INFOTAG ). About forty young members of the Liberal Party took part in a flash-mob they staged before the Central Election Commission office last Saturday, demanding opening polling stations "in all countries where Moldova citizens are available".

They unfolded posters and waved varicolored little flags with inscriptions "We want to vote!" in various foreign languages.

The chairman of the Liberal Party's youth organization Sergiu Bogean stated that citizens of Moldova go abroad not only for remitting money home. They remain citizens of this country and have the right to vote. The action lasted about 10 minutes.

Central Electoral Commission Chairman Eugen Stirbu stated to journalists that polling stations shall be opened abroad all right, but only in those foreign capitals where Moldova has its diplomatic representations. He said the Moldovan state is not that rich to open stations everywhere where Moldovans are present.