Nine parties registered as election runners

On Tuesday, the Moldovan Central Election Commission (CEC) officially registered 9 parties as parliamentary election participants. Since that moment, they are eligible to start electioneering.
INFOTAG, 10 February 2009, 18:49

Chisinau, February 10 ( INFOTAG ). The list of competing forces in the ballot-papers at the April 5 parliamentary elections will be headed by the Social Democratic Party of Moldova (SDPM), to be followed by the Liberal Party (LP), the Moldova Noastra Alliance (MNA), the Christian Democratic Popular Party (CDPP), the Moldovan Communist Party (MCP), the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM), the Democratic Party (DP), the Centrist Union of Moldova (CUM), and the Actiunea Europeana [European Action] socio-political movement.

All of them have submitted party tickets of 103 candidates, except the Centrist Union, which has indicated only 97 candidates for the 101-member Parliament of Moldova.

The Central Election Commission has also registered the contenders' electoral symbols to be used during the election campaign and to be indicated in the ballot-papers, and accredited the parties' permanent representatives at the CEC for the campaign period, during which they are eligible to attend Commission meetings.

The Actiunea Europeana ticket comprises also the representatives of the National Liberal Party and the National Romanian Party (NRP) - however, as at-large candidates only, because the new legislation prohibits members of a party to stand on other parties' tickets.

An analogous situation is with the Centrist Union of Moldova, whose ticket has comprised the representatives of Our Home is Moldova Party, the Party of the Humanists, the Party of Justice and Order, the People's Republican Party, the Patria-Rodina Labor Union, and the Republican Party.

In its turn, the Agrarian Party has stated its support for the incumbent ruling Communist Party.

Thus, by means of the nine registered parties, as many as 18-of-28 parties and movements of Moldova have actually embarked on the election campaign. Yet another formation, the "Moldova Unita" Party of Spiritual Development, submitted documents to the CEC for registration on Monday. And the rest 10 organizations are keeping silence, so far.