Members of "Ilascu Group", awarded „Ordinul Republicii"

The interim president Mihai Ghimpu signed the decree on awarding "Ordinul Republicii" to Petru Godiac, Ilie Ilascu, Andrei Ivantoc, Alexandru Lesco, Tudor Popa and Stefan Uratu.
DECA-press, 3 August 2010, 10:10

The distinctions were given to the members of "Ilascu Group", according to the decree, as a sign of gratitude for their great contribution to the National Liberation Movement, for their heroism and sacrifice for Republic of Moldova's independence and territorial integrity.

We remind to that, Ilie Ilascu has recently announced he will join political life of Republic of Moldova and will support Mihai Ghimpu and his faction - Liberal Party. Valeriu Garbuz was released on July 25, 1994, Godiac - on June 12, 1994, Andrei Ivantoc was released on June 2, 2007, Alexandru Lesco - in 2004. Stefan Uratu, Mihai Ghimpu's advisor, was kept under arrest by the Transnistrian authorities for a few months. Ilie Ilascu was released on May 5, 2001, after international structures' influence and pressure on Russia.

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