AMN kicks off electioneering with slogan 'Eurointegration with AMN in power!'

Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN) kicks off its electoral campaign with the slogan 'Eurointegration with AMN in power!" It presented its electoral offer on Wednesday, February 11. Its leader Serafim Urecheanu has said AMN's ruling program, titled 'Moldova's European Leap", lays on nine major goals, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 11 February 2009, 18:45

2009-02-11/23:59/ Chisinau (IPN) Of 103 people on the AMN's list for the parliament, 76 come from territories. The list has 19 people younger than 30 and 24 women.

To achieve the investment leap, the AMN sets the course, if it comes to power, to attract foreign investments of over $1 billion and to create conditions for the migrant Moldovans to invest their money at home, in own businesses. The AMN promises to yield by 8,000 euros to young people who will start businesses in rural localities, on following tenders.

Concerning the Economic Leap, the party plans to double the GDP the coming four years, ensuring an annual growth of 12-1 5%. The AMN is set to make 350,000 new jobs and to reach an average salary of 500 euros a month till 2013. The pensions would be projected to grow to at least 35% of the average salary, what is 175 euros till 2013.

The leap in healthcare is planned to be achieved by improving the social insurances system and by investing 600 million lei annually to repair, modernize and endow public health entities.

In order to modernize education, the AMN promises to pass new Education Code matching the European standards. Young families would be able to rent dwellings in advantageous conditions if they give birth to a first child, reads the AMN's electoral platform.

The Democratization leap is projected to be achieved by letting the people to vote directly for the country's president and by implementing the mixed electoral system. The AMN promises to improve the act of ruling and to guarantee the transparency of the public finances.

In terms of foreig n policy, the AMN plans to negotiate and ink an association accord with the European Union till the end of the mandate, to boost the relations with the Euro-Atlantic structures and to harmonize to maximum the good neighborhood policy with Ukraine and Romania. The AMN also proposes to develop partnerships with Russia and the USA.

The AMN's platform key priority is to integrate Moldova into the EU, the AMN says.

The AMN will be the third on the ballots, as it was registered by the Central Election Commission on February 10. The first on the list is AMN president Serafim Urecheanu, followed by academician Mihai Cimpoi and parliamentarian Veaceslav Untila.

2009-02-11/23:59/ Opposition politician publishes book 'The Black Spots of the Red Rule'

Chisinau (IPN) Veaceslav Untila, the first deputy president of Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN), launched a second volume of his book titled 'The Black Spots of the Red Rule' . "When I conceived and made the first volume, I did not think it I would have to continue it. But things turned to be otherwise, and I had to continue my monitoring of the Communist rule," the author said at the presentation, Info-Prim Neo reports.

He has worked for four years on the book. The volume contains over 300 examples of breeching the human rights, evidence for acts of corruption and embezzlements of public funds, the direct interference of the state into the judiciary, evidence of attacking the opposition and others.

"The next book will have to be 2-3 times bigger, the rulers will be held accountable for all these years of terror. I want the last volume to be named "The End of the Communist Rule," said AMN leader Serafim Urecheanu.

Theater director Sandu Grecu from Satiricus Theater, which hosted the presentation, has said the book speaks of the political maturity of politician Veaceslav Untila. "For me personally this book is less important, instead it's more important for my kids, who, after April 2009, will not know about the red color. I will keep it as a document in my library, so that my grandchildren see and realize what we had been through," he said.

Writer Nicolae Dabija has called Veaceslav Untila "a Grigore Ureche (Moldavian chronicler - e.n.) of the Moldovan corruption." "The book is a chronicle of the governance's crimes for the last years. I thank the author for having the pleasure to read unpleasant things," Dabija added.

2009-02-11/23:59/ Patria-Rodina stays off elections, backs Communists

Chisinau (IPN) The Socialists Party "Patria-Rodina" announced on Wednesday, February 11, that it wouldn't participate in the parliamentary elections of April 5 and it would back the Communists Party (PCRM). After negotiations, "Patria-Rodina" obtained a seat on the list of the PCRM candidates, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Eduard Smirnov, the leader of "Patria-Rodina," elected 10 days ago, stated that the party made this decision because Moldova needs a steady majority in the Parliament now. According to him, the PCRM has the potential and the leading experience for the development of Moldova in the conditions of the world economic crisis.

Smirnov also said that those two parties are very close ideologically, both being socially-oriented.

Valentin Krylov, the secretary of the executive committee of the Socialist Party "Patria-Rodina," said that the party has been cooperating with the PCRM since 1 994, participating together in the local general elections of 1999 and 2003.

According to Krylov, the party decided to stay off the elections because it has no real chance to get over the electoral threshold of 6% and it doesn't want that the votes it obtains should go to opposition parties. "We obtained 5% in the previous elections. If now we obtain 4-5%, half of the votes will be distributed to our opposition, that is destructive and anti-statal," Krylov specified.

"Patria-Rodina" declares itself satisfied with the negotiations with the PCRM, after which former president of the party Veronica Abramciuc was included under number 22 on the PCRM's list.

The Socialists Party as a component part of the electoral bloc "Patria-Rodina," got 4.97% votes in the 2005 parliamentary elections, what didn't allow it to jump over the electoral threshold.

The Socialists Party from Moldova (PSRM) was cr eated by the former members of the Socialist Party from Moldova (PSM), who had left the party at the beginning of 1996 because of strategic and ideological reasons. In 2004, the PSRM changed its name into the Socialists Party "Patria-Rodina."