Moldovans in U.S.A. raising signatures for opening more polling stations

Republic of Moldova citizens in the United States are raising compatriots' signatures in support of opening more polling facilities across the U.S.A. for April 5 parliamentary elections, not only in the Moldovan Embassy in Washington DC.
INFOTAG, 11 February 2009, 18:55

Chisinau, February 11 ( INFOTAG ). The signature-raising initiative group wrote in its message that upon hearing the Embassy's statement - that only 23 persons have expressed wish to come to the Embassy for voting - Moldovans living in various states of America initiated an action of raising the signatures of those who want to take part in the elections. Signature lists will shortly be mailed to the Moldovan Embassy in Washington and to the Central Election Commission in Chisinau.

Moldovans in Italy are not idling, either. They keep on sending messages through the press demanding to open more polling stations in various parts of Italy, not only in Rome. They are complaining that neither Moldovan diplomats from the Embassy nor other Moldovan officials would care to provide whatever information about the election campaign under way in the home country. The gastarbeiters are saying they would like to receive participating parties' election leaflets - at least in parcels coming to Italy from homes.

Analogous demands to open extra stations for voting have already come to Chisinau from Moldovans' associations in the Irish Republic, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, and Italy.


Chisinau, February 11 ( INFOTAG ). The associations of Moldova nationals staying in Italy, the United States, the Irish Republic and Portugal have sent a joint open letter to Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin, with copies of it to Speaker Marian Lupu, Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya and Central Electoral Commission Chairman Eugen Stirbu, containing a strong demand to ensure the citizens' right to vote.

The letter authors wrote, in particular, that 500 thousand to one million citizens of Moldova constantly live abroad. Nevertheless, merely 3,806 compatriots overseas took part in the 2001 parliamentary elections, and in 2005 - only 10,018 persons that came to 23 polling stations opened only at Moldovan diplomatic representations and only in capital cities.

The associations claimed that the main reason of such a miserable voter turnout has been the very limited number of polling facilities, which the Moldovan authorities open abroad. So, they believe it is necessary to amend the electoral legislation to permit "a remote voting" to citizens - by using the Internet or mail, as it is practiced in some states.

Moldovan gastarbeiters are saying they "want to take part in the election of a new Moldovan Parliament that would respect those who have gone abroad for working or studying".

"We are hereby addressing the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union, the Governments of donor countries to render financial and professional assistance to Moldova and to prompt its authorities to respond to our request", the letter said.