Each 10th candidate for Parliament has dual citizenship

Nearly 10% of the 921 candidates for Parliament on the tickets of the CEC-registered contenders for the April 5 elections have two citizenships. Yet another 82 candidates have submitted applications for obtaining a second citizenship.
INFOTAG, 11 February 2009, 18:57

Chisinau, February 11 ( INFOTAG ). The undisputable leader of this 'parade of citizenships' is certainly the Liberal Party: out of its 103 candidates included into the LP ticket, twenty-two persons have dual citizenships (one - Russian and the rest - Romanian), plus 9 more LP candidates have confessed they are on the waiting lists for obtaining a second citizenship, overwhelmingly the citizenship of Romania.

The registered Liberal Democratic Party ticket comprises 2 dual citizenship holders and 31 persons on their way to a second citizenship. The Democratic Party has 6 and 6, respectively; the Moldova Noastra Alliance - 12 and 14; the Social Democratic Party - 9 and 4; the Centrist Union of Moldova - 12 and 3.

In the Communist Party ticket, 4 candidates have the Romanian citizenship, one - the citizenship of Bulgaria, and 4 persons are queuing for a second citizenship; in the Christian Democratic Popular Party ticket - 7 and 10; and in the Actiunea Europeana [European Action] socio-political movement ticket - 13 and 10, respectively.

By the current Moldovan legislation, dual citizenship holders are eligible to stand for parliament, but a lawmaker may not be a foreigner or have a second citizenship. So if 'dualists' are elected to parliament, they will have to make a hard choice - either you renounce your parliamentary mandate, or you must initiate the procedure of renouncing a second citizenship, which, however, oftentimes lasts years.