People's Republican Party to back Centrist Union at elections

The oppositional People's Republican Party (PRP, Nicolae Andronic) will be supporting the Centrist Union of Moldova (CUM, Vasile Tarlev) at the April 5 parliamentary elections.
INFOTAG, 13 February 2009, 18:24

Chisinau, February 13 ( INFOTAG ). The party issued a statement saying this decision was passed with an account of voters' wishes concerning consolidation of democratic forces for the sake of creating viable and effective political structures capable of bearing responsibility for the country's destiny.

The PRP document said, "We are convinced this is a correct and promising decision... The country is in need of healthy political forces and politicians who have proved in deeds over many years that they really care about the state's and citizens' interests, and who promoted - by concrete actions not by declarations - consolidation of the Moldovan statehood, promotion of reforms, consolidation of democracy and a law-governed state, growth of the citizenry's prosperity".

Earlier this month, several other political organizations stated their support for the Centrist Union of Moldova at the 2009 elections namely the Republican Party, the Party of the Humanists, the Party of Order and Justice, the Patria-Rodina Labor Union. With an account of the People's Republican Party, all these CUM supporters polled under 5% at the 2005 parliamentary elections.

The Centrist Union is headed by Vasile Tarlev, who was Moldova's ex-Prime Minister in 2001-2008.