Communists use students of Police Academy and former detainees in electoral fight: Liberal Party

The Communists use former detainees and students of the Police Academy in the electoral fight with the Liberal Party (PL), Ion Negrei who introduced himself as the party's spokesman stated on Monday, February 16, at a news conference.
Info-Prim Neo, 16 February 2009, 18:43

2009-02-16/14:24/ Chisinau (IPN) He accused that on Friday, February 13, over 10 inebriated persons tried to obstruct a meeting with the voters from Isacova and Seliste villages, Orhei district, applying verbal violence, threatens and physical abuse, Info-Prim Neo reports.

"After discussing with this group, we found that some of them were students of the Stefan cel Mare Police Academy," and the others are former detainees," Ion Negrei said. "The latter had been called to the police, threatened with fabricating cases against them and blackmailed to provoke actions against the PL," Negrei added, emphasizing that some attendees remained with bruises on their faces.

"The Liberal Party thinks that the illegalities committed by this group in Orhei district are inspired and coordinated by the police and they have the purpose to intimidate and frighten the voters, so that they didn't vote for the PL candidates in the parliamentary elections of April 5, 2009," the PL's spokesman stated.

Sergiu Miron, the interim chairman of the PL branch in Orhei, said he knows the young wrongdoers, who permanently have problems with the police. "We also know who was responsible for organizing these anti-liberal actions, but it is too early to pronounce his name," Sergiu Miron stressed.

"Only the ruling party can mobilize the police," PL deputy president Anatol Salaru said. "We ask for stopping these antidemocratic side-slips and for suing the offenders," he added.

The PL members said that the same persons baffled the meeting of another political party with voters of Isacova and Seliste villages, several hours earlier. The PL intends to lodge a complaint, annexing the samples they have.