CEC rejects PPCD's request to oust UCM from race

The Central Election Commission (CEC) rejected the request of the People's Christian-Democratic Party (PPCD) to cancel the registration of the Centrist Union (UCM) as an electoral competitor, on February 17 . The PPCD argues that the UCM has no president, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 18 February 2009, 18:21

2009-02-18/07:41/ Chisinau (IPN) In its appeal, signed by deputy president Vlad Cubreacov, the PPCD argues that "the person holding the presidency of this party previously (Mihai Petrache, e.n.) resigned, while the election of the new president (Vasile Tarlev, e.n.) was not accepted by the Justice Ministry." So, the PPCD stresses, nobody was entitled to sign the documents submitted to the CEC, and they allegedly cannot be viewed as authentic.

The PPCD also argues the UCM's representative about the CEC is a party member, contrary to the Election Code.

The CEC reason its rejection saying "the argument about the irregularities in the documents submitted by the UCM is purely declarative and groundless."

The CEC has also said Vlad Cubreacov may not sign the PPCD's papers tendered to the CEC, since it is to be done by the president of the party or by the party's representative about the Commission.

The PPCD submitted a new appeal with same content, but signed by the party's president Iurie Rosca, and the CEC is to provide an answer within 5 days.