Enormous number of violations is reported in this campaign: AMN

Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN) says an enormous number of breeches is reported in the running election campaign, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 19 February 2009, 18:14

2009-02-19/16:27/ Chisinau (IPN) "The number and the proportion of the breeches committed in the start of the electoral campaign by the Communists Party and its allies, by the red-orange media cartel and by the state authorities used by the present rule for electoral purposes mis so vast, that all the opposition parties together do not have enough capacities to certify and report them to the election organizing bodies," AMN's spokesman Victor Osipov told a news conference Thursday. He is also running as an AMN candidate for the parliament.

According to him, the AMN had to hire more lawyers to assess those cases and edit the complaints to the electoral bodies. Osipov says the AMN has lodged almost 20 appeals to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and to the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC), related to using the administrative factors and power abuse by the ruling party and the PPCD (Christian Democrats). Other appeals are being edited and will soon be submitted. The party considers to sue the CEC;s rejection to consider its appeal as to the PCRM violating the Election Code by starting electioneering before the official start of the campaign.

One of the recent violations noticed by the AMN is that on February 18 the chairman of the legal committee of the parliament, Vladimir Turcan, appeared in a news conference next to CEC member Valentin Vizant. "Vladimir Turcan, who' running on the PCRM's list, and Valentin Vizant supported each other's positions mutually and gave interpretations to the election law. Or, this the exclusive power of the Parliament," Osipov said.

Moldova Noastra Alliance claims that the Communist dignitaries commit power abuses to electioneer. So, speaker Marian Lupu interrupted the studying process in a school in Balti, the pupils were taken from their lessons to go and meet the speaker, and PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin used his presidential office to electioneer at opening a medical center in Ceadar-Lunga. The president reminded the citizens there that he gave them 30 million lei to build a block of the medical facility in the 2005 elections, but they gave the PCRM only 15 % of votes.

"In addition to the direct allusion to corrupt the voters - "we give you more money in return for more votes from you" -- one may take this as a way of black-mailing voters, because the reverse meaning is: "if you don;t give us votes, we won't give you money," Victor Osipov argued.

The AMN has submitted a series of appeals concerning the violation of the electoral law and ethical norms by a number of media, including the public television. In the AMN's view, those would allegedly favor the PCRM and the PPCD and make both open electoral promotion, and hidden - in news bulletins.

So far, the electoral bodies have not considered any of the AMN's appeals, what tells of their being excessively politicized. The AMN promises it will continue to make appeals and will submit as many complaints as it will be physically able to.