Another NGO coalition to monitor parliamentary elections

Another coalition of NGOs commits to monitor the parliamentary election. It is the Coalition "Civic Control- Elections 2009," with 15 member organizations, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 19 February 2009, 19:05

2009-02-19/13:48/ Chisinau (IPN) "The coalition commits to raise the civic activism, to ensure observing laws and to prevent violation of the voters' rights," Alexandru Barbov, the executive director of the coalition stated on Wednesday, February 19, at a press conference.

The coalition will monitor the product of written press, the broadcasters' programs, the way they observe the principle of equidistance in informing voters and promoting the electoral candidates. The coalition has 200 independent supervisors, who will participate in monitoring the electoral process at the polling stations on the election day.

"We shall hold weekly press conferences, at which results of monitoring for a certain period will be presented and encroachme nts and other forms of inadequate behavior of the electoral competitors will be shown," Alina Palii, the head of the public association for ensuring human rights "Femida" from Balti, said. Citizens will be able to call a hot line 23 30 32, if rights are violated in the electoral period, Alina Palii added.

The results of the monitoring will be posted on the coalition's web page:

The project costs 60 thousand lei. It is financed by the member-organizations, who obtained separate grants.

Another group of 32 non-governmental organizations announced in November, 2008, about launching its project "Coalition 2009." The coalition committed to contribute to holding the parliamentary elections of 2009 in a transparent, correct and democratic way.