Mocanu maintains Plahotniuc has subdued CCECC  

Vladimir Plahotniuc has subdued the Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption by stuffing its directors with tremendous money, presumes Anti-Mafia Movement leader Sergiu Mocanu, who is standing for parliament on the ticket of the Party "Pentru Neam si Tara" [for People and Country].
INFOTAG, 5 November 2010, 12:22

On Wednesday, Mocanu convened a news conference in Infotag and read out the names of CCECC officers "who are on Plahotniuc's service".

"Among them are CCECC Director General Viorel Chetraru, Director of the CCECC Department for money laundering prevention Valeriu Sarcu, Deputy Director of the Center's department for combating economic crimes Stefan Tulbure, Chief of the CCECC security service Aurel Suhan, Deputy Director of the department for criminal persecution Bogdan Zumbreanu", said Mocanu.

He named the incomes flowing into the pockets of the 5 officials "reaching a million euros a year, though their aggregate legal salaries for all years of their holding these posts do not exceed 50 thousand euros equivalent.

"How could they build dwelling palaces on official salaries of some 3.5 thousand lei a month? Plahotniuc has given them the money, and have taken them to serve him", stated Mocanu, and added that he has collected information about the incomes and property of all essential CCECC officers.

Mocanu maintains that the Right parties, who have come into power after July 2009, have not fulfilled their duty to the Moldovan people. They have left in power "the Plahotniuc's men", and Plahotniuc "has created a mafia system presenting real danger for Moldova's statehood and independence".

Mocanu is convinced that 80% of CCECC officers will vote for the Party "Pentru Neam si Tara" on November 28 because "many they are honest people who are the first to see the lawlessness practiced by their bosses, who are on mafia's service".

"Plahotniuc is investing heavily in the Democratic Party's election campaign to have the party in parliament. All people in his surrounding realize that if only they fail to get to parliament, they will find themselves in jail", stated Mocanu, who does not share the widespread opinion that mafia is immortal.

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