US observers to watch Moldovan election: ambassador Asif Chaudhry

Observers coming from the USA will monitor the Moldovan parliamentary elections, the way in which the access of political parties is ensured in media and the manner of promoting electoral messages. The announcement was made Friday by the US ambassador to Chisinau, Asif Chaudhry, at a meeting with students, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 20 February 2009, 18:37

2009-02-20/15:07/ Chisinau (IPN) "Both the US and the Moldovan observers will watch whether the democratic principles will be respected in this race, and in the end we'll say how fair the political fight was and whether the elections can be considered valid. The electoral race has started and we must make it sure the political parties will be able to promote their electoral messages for whole society," the ambassador said.

According to the diplomat, simple voting procedures would stimulate the turnout. "In US there is a system allowing voters to vote by e-mail, not going to polling stations, and this allows the voters from ab road to exert their right to vote," Asif Chaudhry said.

He specifies that simplifying the voting procedure should be organized in conformity with the country's resources and abilities. He has added that an adequate awareness-raising campaign might increase the voters' interest.

"The best thing that happened in the campaign in US was that the people were informed largely, regardless if it was about negative or positive information. I'd like to see this happening in every country. Full information enables every citizen to express his/her view about events. Much information, presented from different viewpoints would be the key to change the people's lives for better," Asif Chaudhry said.

The ambassador has called on ordinary Moldovans to consider every party through their own and national wishes and expectations, before going to vote. Also important are the competitors' performance, platforms, so that every citizen can make a dec ision in the end. The diplomat also recommends the voters to consider the sincerity of politicians and their electoral promises.