Moldovan Helsinki Committee president to fight for parliament as independent

The president of the Helsinki Committee from Moldova, Stefan Uratu, has applied to the Central Election Commission (CEC) to register him as an independent candidate on Monday, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 23 February 2009, 19:07

2009-02-23/16:57/ Chisinau (IPN) He has shown himself optimistic and has said he will get more than the needed 3% to pass over the entrance threshold. "I am sure people want me to defend their rights," Uratu has told media, saying his slogan is "Believe, vote and save yourself."

Stefan Uratu has decided to get into politics after the incident earlier in February in front of the General Prosecutor's building, when a protest rally turned into a fight. "When I saw that the governance keeps lying to us and the other political parties cannot do anything effectively I told myself I need to be in the middle of this governance, to be able to bring the change for better," Stefan Uratu said. „If I am in the parliament, I think I will be ab le to open more doors than now and I will be the people's spokesman," said the Committee's president.

Stefan Uratu is 58. He was a Communist Party member will 1989, and since then he was no party member and participated in no elections.

He is the second independent aspirant to a seat in the future parliament. The first was Sergiu Banari, a member of the Balti Municipal Council and is 29.

The CEC is to register them not within 7 days.

The CEC received the documents from the Ecologist Party "The Green Alliance". It may be the 12 political party joining the race.