Comrat Mayor's team will support Social Democrats

The team of Nikolai Dudoglo, the Mayor of Comrat town [the administrative center of the Gagauz Yeri autonomous region in southern Moldova], has decided to render support to the Social Democratic Party (Dumitru Braghis) at the April 5 parliamentary elections.
INFOTAG, 23 February 2009, 19:09

Chisinau, February 23 ( INFOTAG ). Gagauzia Popular Assembly [parliament] Speaker Anna Harlamenko, a Dudoglo team representative, told a news conference in Infotag today that herself and her comrades had decided in favor of the Social Democrats because they believe this party will help them combat a common enemy - financial crisis and unemployment.

She stated the SDPM is going for elections with a clear and economically founded program that should improve living standards in Moldova. In her words, the SDPM is highly respected by the Gagauzes because it stands against Moldova's accession to NATO and for establishing good relations with Russia.

"Political parties standing up for romanization of Moldova and for its becoming a NATO member have never been popular in Gagauzia", remarked Anna Harlamenko.

She is fairly skeptical about the statements being heard from ex-premier Vasile Tarlev - that his Centrist Union is looking forward to winning 75% votes in Gagauzia.

Harlamenko explained the reason of her skepticism, saying "Tarlev was Moldovan Prime Minister for 7 years, and promised Gagauzia a lot of things, but did not fulfill anything. As for Dumitru Braghis, he made three really priceless presents to Gagauzia during only 1.5 years of his premiership before Tarlev: he ensured return of the value-added tax to the autonomy, favorable customs duties, and return of the region's property. The Gagauz people remembers those wise steps, and will now vote for the Social Democratic Party".

In her words, almost all Moldovan political formations offered her to render support to them, and promised her a place in their electoral tickets among the first 5 positions. But "I declined all those offers. I don't want to become a member of the Moldovan Parliament. Instead, here in Gagauzia myself and Nikolai Dudoglo team will be promoting the SDPM, which will improve life in Moldova and Gagauzia".

SDPM leader MP Dumitru Braghis said at the news conference that the Social Democrats have placed emphasis not on mass-scale street arrangements but on meetings with voters in the localities.

"We are waging a door-to-door campaign, and have already visited 820 thousand voters, of whom 125 thousand said they would vote for the SDPM and another 300 thousand or so were uncertain yet", said Dumitru Braghis.