Average salary in Moldova goes up 8.2%

The average monthly salary in Moldova reached 2.924 thousand lei (US$243.6) by the beginning of December, which is 8.2% more against the last year level.
INFOTAG, 3 January 2011, 12:55

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the average salary went up 7.7% in the state-financed field - to 2.538 thousand lei; and by 8.4% in the real economy sector (to 3.144 thousand lei).

The average salary in the field of education went up 14% within the year (to 2.355 thousand lei); in the health and social protection field up 6.6% (to 2.823 thousand lei).

As usually, the highest salaries are provided to employees of the financial sector - 6.148 thousand lei (+11%); employees of the heating, electricity and water supplying sector - 4.767 thousand lei (+6.7%); transports and communications - 3.845 thousand lei (+6.7%).

There is observed a salary reduction in the field of mining industry (down 2.4%) - to 3.27 thousand lei, and public administration (down 0.5%) - to 3.163 lei.

The lowest salaries are in the fish breeding sector - 1.152 thousand lei (+1.3%), agriculture and forestry - 1.576 thousand lei (+11.8%).

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