National Television Company poisoning public opinion - PRP

The People's Republican Party has voiced strong indignation over "the overtly provocative behavior of the Moldova-1 public television channel, which rejected an PRP's invitation to a civilized dialog and continued its insulting attacks against the party, its chairman Nicolae Andronic and the Centrist Union of Moldova (CUM), which the PRP backs".
INFOTAG, 5 March 2009, 17:58

Chisinau, March 5 ( INFOTAG ). The party issued a statement reminding to the public opinion that only several days before, Moldova-1 telecasted a grossly distorted interpretation of Andronic's sayings he made in the "Shadow Cabinet" program on the Internet Jurnal TV - concerning Moldova's relations with the Commonwealth of Independent States.

"In that program, Nicolae Andronic put forward a clear and impartial proposal that Moldova should quit the CIS because this international organization does not deserve the attention some forces try to attach to it. Moldova-1 misinterpreted his statement and presented it as a stance of Nicolae Andronic, of the PRP and of the CUM as a whole, who allegedly presume Moldova needs to quit the CIS. Moreover, the public television stated that upon the CUM's coming to parliament, the Union will raise this question in the forum", the PRP statement said.

The document further held that instead of giving the party a chance for reply as it requested, the Moldova-1 public television channel broadcasted last Tuesday a new discrediting, insulting story that had nothing to do with the reality. Namely, "The channel once again resorted to its old attacks and insinuations from the previous program issue. To achieve at least a vision of truth, it used another dirty method - tearing certain phrases out of the context, and presenting only scissored and glued pieces from Andronic's statements on the Internet Jurnal TV channel".

The People's Republican Party leaders think that such a biased behaviour of the public channel, existing on taxpayers' money, is an extra proof that Moldova-1 has embarked, in a dirty-most manner, on the election campaign of the ruling Communist Party.

The PRP has requested the Audiovisual Coordinating Council and the Central Election Commission to present their official attitude to "these obvious abusing of position by the public television company", and asked profiled non-governmental organizations, which are monitoring the election campaign, to include this shameful story into their reports on the quality of the 2009 parliamentary election campaign in Moldova.