Moldovan organizations abroad preparing manifesto to Chisinau authorities

Communities of Moldovan citizens abroad are preparing a manifesto they are going to send to the Government of Moldova to demand respect for their suffrage.
INFOTAG, 9 March 2009, 18:42

Chisinau, March 9 ( INFOTAG ). Community leaders decided so at the 1st congress of the Association of United Moldovan Communities held in Rome last weekend.

The forum was attended by the representatives of Moldovan communities from 12 countries. The delegates expressed indignation over the Communist authorities' refusal to open additional polling stations abroad.

Deputy Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Iulian Fruntasu informed the delegates about the actions being undertaken by the LDPM in support for citizens outside the republic, who want to take part in the April 5 voting. He said the Liberal Democrats had sent to the European Court of Human Rights a complaint against the suffrage restriction by the Moldovan Communist authorities.

On the initiative of Bastina ethnic-cultural association in Italy, LDPM member Calin Vieru met with Moldovans staying in Padua city. And Deputy Chairman of the Liberal Party, Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca held three meetings with citizens of Moldova working in Italy.

Chirtoaca stated to journalists upon returning home that Moldovans in Italy are strongly discontented with the Communist red tape that does not permit the gastarbeiters to extend their passports smoothly. They are concerned about corruption in Moldova, and feel humiliated with the Moldovan authorities' reluctance to open more polling stations in Italy.

Like many European countries, Moldova opens polling stations only in its embassies in foreign states.


Chisinau, March 9 ( INFOTAG ). As many as 627.9 thousand citizens of Moldova are staying outside the republic officially, according to the data just published by the Central Election Commission.

The Commission took this figure from Border Service data. This is the number of Moldova citizens who have left the country on legal grounds and have not come home yet. Earlier, the CEC reported that the country's total number of people eligible to vote should be approximately 2.44 million (as of 2006).

Many organizations of the Moldovans abroad as well as several local opposition parties demanded from the Communist authorities to open extra polling stations in foreign cities having considerable Moldovan communities. The CEC, however, has resolutely stated that in accordance with law, polling stations shall only be opened in the premises of Moldovan diplomatic representations in 33 countries.