MNA accuses MCP and TRM of compromising pre-election debates...

The Moldova Noastra Alliance has accused the ruling Moldovan Communist Party and the de-jure public Teleradio-Moldova company of compromising pre-election live debates.
INFOTAG, 10 March 2009, 18:56

Chisinau, March 10 ( INFOTAG ). The MNA wrote in its press release today that the very methodology of organizing the live debates, which were launched on the Moldova-1 public television channel and Radio Moldova yesterday, "is pursuing only one objective - to downgrade a significant-most political event of 2009 to a commonplace level".

"Having a cowardly leadership, the Communist Party has reduced to the minimum the danger of meeting with strong opponents, particularly the Alliance. The whole host of debates will only irritate TV viewers, the more so that the debates have upset the years-habitual broadcasting schedule", presumes the MNA.

The organization drew election observers' attention to "the ambiguous debate-process regulations introduced by the Audiovisual Coordinating Council (ACC) and the Central Election Commission (CEC), which created a soil for manipulations by the Communist authorities. All this is discrediting the election debates being cast by Teleradio-Moldova, and can result in voters' passiveness on the election day".


Chisinau, March 10 ( INFOTAG ). Moldova Noastra Alliance First Deputy Chairman MP Veaceslav Untila is going to initiate, shortly after the April 5 parliamentary elections, the abolishing of the law investing the Information and Security Service [ISS, former KGB] with the authority to check candidates for sensitive public posts.

Untila wrote in his press statement today that such legislation is but an infringement on citizens' constitutional right of private life and right to security, and "I cannot let such illicit interference by the ISS into citizens' rights! The Soviet past and the dirty procedures used in those years must be eradicated in a democratic society".

The parliamentarian stressed he is not against such a check, but it must be introduced only after a reform of the Information and Security Service, "which, by its scope of authority, has by far outstripped the KGB of the Soviet period".

Veaceslav Untila is convinced the said Law has imposed a filter for contenders for public posts and this filter will be merciful only to position seekers loyal to the authorities. He presumes that the ISS may well look for other, extra information about the seekers and their families, and that "eventually, such data may be used even against those persons who agree to undergo such a check".

The deputy stressed he had many a time raised in parliament and the press the problem of the excessive powers the ISS has and of absence of transparency in its activities. Untila warned that if he fails to find an appropriate support in parliament, he will address to the Constitutional Court.


Chisinau, March 10 ( INFOTAG ). The oppositional parliamentary Moldova Noastra Alliance presumes the ruling Communist Party is already preparing to rigging of the April 5 elections.

MNA Chairman MP Serafim Urechean stated at a news conference today that the Ministry of Informational Development, without consulting regional authorities, has already submitted to the Central Election Commission a list of voters having over 3 million names, "which is almost 600 thousand people more than in the 2007 local elections voter rolls. Apparently, the Ministry is going to vote itself instead of these non-existing citizens".

The MNA leader said that Moldovan university students, gastarbeiters and other categories of citizens, returning home from foreign countries, are coming across red tape, when they apply for inclusion into voter rolls. Urechean presumes these 'vacancies' may also be used for falsifying election results.

The parliamentarian further held that the Moldovan Ministry of the Interior is also being involved actively into the election campaign "and police subdivisions in the localities have already drawn up and presented to the Ministry the lists of hesitating citizens, who can well be persuaded into voting for the Communists".

The MNA leader also accused the nation's top personalities - President Vladimir Voronin, Parliament Chairman Marian Lupu and Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya - of abusing position and extensively using administrative resources in electioneering.

"This is the dirtiest, the unfair-most election campaign in the independent Moldova's history. The Moldova Noastra Alliance has already filed nearly 60 petitions and protests against electoral legislation violation, but an absolute majority of them were declined', said the MNA Chairman.