Oleg Bolotnicov accuses CEC of groundlessly refusing to register him as independent candidate

Oleg Bolotnicov says that the Central Election Commission (CEC) refuses to register him as independent runner in the April 5 parliamentary elections without reason.
Info-Prim Neo, 10 March 2009, 18:59

2009-03-10/14:29/ Chisinau (IPN)  At a news conference held at Info-Prim Neo Agency on March 10, he said he was called to the CEC a day earlier and told to withdraw his lists of signatures in his support, otherwise "they will find as many forged signatures as needed".

"I was told to give up the idea of running in elections, but they (the CEC - e.n.) don't even know what violations I committed," Bolotnicov said, stressing that the other contenders that filed the documents on the same day (March 4) already received an answer regarding their registration in the election race from the commission.

Oleg Bolotnicov also said that on the day when he lodged the documents with the CEC, two lists of signatures were rejected. Over 570 signatures out of the 2,200 declared valid when he filed the application were later declared invalid (2,000 signatures are needed to be registered as independent candidate - e.n.). "They began to find problems everywhere - in the digits, in the number of the passport," he said.

Bolotnicov has told Info-Prim Neo that he was phoned by persons from the public broadcaster Teleradio-Moldova and informed that he would not take part in election debates "until the CEC does not clarify the situation". Oleg Bolotnicov was to participate in debates on March 9 alongside the "Moldova Unita" Party.

Oleg Bolotnicov said he is expecting an official answer from the CEC. If the answer is negative, he will appeal the decision in court.

Contacted by Info-Prim Neo, the CEC secretary Iurie Ciocan said that under the Election Code the commission has 7 days at the disposal to examine the documents of an election contender. He also said that the CEC will pronounce its decision on Oleg Bolotnicov's registration at the March 10 meeting.

Oleg Bolotnicov is native of Ghidighici village of the municipality of Chisinau. He said he wants to run in elections in order to promote and defend peasants' interests.

2009-03-10/17:41/ CEC rejects registration applications of two independent candidates

Chisinau (IPN) The Central Election Commission (CEC) on March 10 rejected the applications to be registered as independent election runners filed by two persons earlier, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The CEC members argued that Oleg Bolotnicov presented 2,159 signatures in his support, but only 1,573 turned out to be valid. At least 2,000 signatures are needed to register a person as independent candidate. In the case of Veaceslav Rosca, only 1,678 of the 2,111 signatures presented were declared valid.

At a news conference held before the meeting, Oleg Bolotnicov said that he was unofficially told to withdraw the documents he lodged with the CEC to be registered as election contender. He said he would appeal to court if his application was rejected.

At the same meeting, the CEC registered Tatiana Tambalist, Valentina Cusnir and Alexandr Lomakin as independent candidates. They have been for the time being written in the ballot papers under number 20, 21 and 22. They will climb by one position as Oleg Bolotnicov, who was written under number 18, was excluded from the list.

The CEC also refused to register the electoral symbol of the independent candidate Stefan Uratu, who resigned as president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of Moldova by his own accord. The Commission said that the electoral symbol contains the word ‘Helsinki' so that Uratu uses the image of an NGO for electoral aims.

After the exclusion of the two independents, the electoral list will contain 21 election runners.

Also, the Central Election Commission decided that the Moldovan citizens residing on the left bank of the Nistru could exercise their right to vote at 9 polling places on the right bank, located in the districts of Floresti, Rezina, Dubasari, Anenii Noi, Causeni and Stefan Voda.