DP accuses communist authorities of pressing on private businesses

The Democratic Party of Moldova has strongly accused to ruling Communist Party of exerting pressure on private businesses.
INFOTAG, 16 March 2009, 18:08

Chisinau, March 16 ( INFOTAG ). The Democrats wrote in a press statement that the current economic recession in Moldova has largely been a result of the authorities' incapability to withstand the challenges of the modern epoch, a result of their rude interference into business.

The document said that while trade deficit has attained a horrifying size and while Moldovan producers are thrown to the mercy of fate, instances of pressing on people of business are multiplying, forcing them into either sacrificing a part of profits or facing a risk to lose the businesses at all.

The DP referred to the latest example of such treatment - the ASCOM industrial and financial group. The Democrats wrote that last October, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin wrote a letter to his Kazakhstan colleague Nursultan Nazarbayev, in which he put forward serious accusations against ASCOM working in Kazakhstan for many years.

"Without providing whatever arguments, proceeding rather from political motives, the letter author blackened the Moldovan company that has been operating successfully for so many years, and which has created jobs for thousands of our compatriots", said the DP statement.

The party maintains this caused a very negative reaction both at home and internationally. The Democrats demanded from President Voronin to immediately revoke his squeal and to punish those who prompted him to such an action.