Chisinau City Hall demands that Ministry of Justice immediately unblock bank accounts

The Chisinau City Hall called on the Ministry of Justice to unblock all the bank accounts of the local public administration, Diana Gurschi, the head of the Legal Assistance Division, said at Monday's meeting of the City Hall, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 16 March 2009, 18:14

2009-03-16/12:24/Chisinau (IPN) Though the court issued an irrevocable decision ordering that all the accounts of the institutions of the local public administration be unblocked, they remain closed, Diana Gurschi said. She also said that later in the day the municipal authorities will file an application, demanding that the accounts be immediately unblocked.

According to Gurschi, the City Hall will appeal to court and ask for damages because some of the subdivisions could not use the accounts and were disconnected from the electric power supply, while some people did not receive the money allocated from the reserve fund of the municipality of Chisinau despite the existence of relevant City Council decisions. These people include invalids that asked for money to purchase prostheses and socially-vulnerable families stricken by accidents, fires or deaths.

The accounts have been sequestrated as the municipal authorities did not fulfill court decisions ordering that employees of the Ministry of the Interior, prosecutors and judges be provided with dwellings starting with 1995. For the same reason, there was sequestrated an apartment building located on Liviu Deleanu Street.

Diana Gurschi said she informed the Government, the Ministry of Justice and the Enforcement Department about the fact that in 2003 and 2006, the Chisinau Municipal Council had allocated plots of land to the Ministry of the Interior and the General Prosecutor's Office on which to build blocks of apartments for the employees of the given institutions.

"In May 2008, the City Hall repeatedly asked that the Ministry of the Interior and the General Prosecutor's Office present the list of employees that were provided with apartments, but no answer has been yet provided," Diana Gurschi said.

"We will demand that the court holds the persons responsible for the creation of this illegal situation accountable in accordance with the legislation," the head of the Legal Assistance Division added.

The acting mayor of Chisinau Vlad Cotet accepted the proposals put forward by the Division.