PCRM remains the voters' favorite

If parliamentary elections were organized next Sunday, the Communists Party (PCRM) would get 36.2% of votes, while 26.4% of the voters have not decided yet whom to vote.
Info-Prim Neo, 24 March 2009, 18:27

2009-03-24/12:48/ Chisinau (IPN) These are the results of the Public Opinion Barometer (POB), presented on Tuesday, March 24, less than two weeks before the ballot of April 5, Info-Prim Neo reports.

According to poll, the persons who opted for the PCRM are, mostly elderly persons, female, of Ukrainian and Russian ethnicity, with a low level of education. The PCRM rating is 10% lower compared to the one before the 2005 parliamentary elections, and is higher compared to the previous POB of October, 2008, when 23.5% of the respondents would have voted for this party. The PCRM would have registered its best result in March, 2002 (50%), and the lowest one - in November, 2006 and May, 2007 (23%).

If next Sunday the elections were organized, the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) would get 8.3% of votes, compared to 4.5% in October, 2008. Other parties that may enter the Parliament, would be the Liberal Party (PL) - 8.2% (compared to 5.1% in October) and the Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN) - 5.4% (5.5%).

The other parties would not pass beyond the electoral threshold of 6%: the Social Democratic Party (PSD) - 2.6%, the Centrist Union (UCM) - 2.5%, the People's Christian Democratic Party (PPCD) - 1.4%, the Democratic Party (PD) - 0.7%.

23% of the citizens are undecided, 3.4% of the respondents didn't want to answer this question, and 6.8% wouldn't vote.

Vladimir Voronin, the PCRM leader and the Moldovan president, continues to enjoy the most confidence of the citizens - 48.4%, that has gone up compared to October, 2008 (41%). He is followed by premier Zinaida Greceanai, a candidate on the PCRM list - 42.8% (32.3%), speaker Marian Lupu, a PCRM candidate - 35.5% (40.1%), Chisinau mayor and deputy president of the PL Dorin Chirtoaca - 31.5% (34.6%), etc.

About 59% of the interviewed (compared to 52% in October, 2008) believe that Moldova is not ruled by the people's will. 43% (compared to 40%) maintain that the elections in Moldova do not unfold freely and correctly. The state institutions continue to be little trusted by the people. Church enjoys the highest confidence - 81.7%, the media - 58.6%, the city hall - 46.5%. The political parties (16, 4%), trade unions (23, 3%) and the NGOs (27, 8%) are less popular.

The POB data have been collected from February 28 to March 14, by interviewing 1,197 persons from 88 localities (except for the Transnistrian region). The error margin is plus-minus 2.8%. The POB was run by the Public Policies Institute and accomplished by CBS-AXA.