Gagauzia doubts correctness of Chisinau-calculated figure

The leadership of Gagauz Yeri, an autonomous region in southern Moldova, has expressed concern about some irregularities existing in the Republic of Moldova electoral mechanism.
INFOTAG, 25 March 2009, 18:53

Comrat, March 25 ( INFOTAG ). Gagauzia Bashkan [Governor] Mikhail Formuzal convened a news conference on Tuesday and said, in particular, that the region's government was somewhat surprised to learn that the small autonomous region of Gagauzia appears to have as many as 128 thousand voters included in voter registers - a figure determined by the Moldovan Ministry of Informational Development and the Central Election Commission.

Formuzal said that at every election, maximum 50-60 thousand local residents go to the polls, with the number of citizens eligible to vote and included into registers being only about 94 thousand. Accordingly, he presumes, such a substantial surplus contingent of potential electorate may provide soil and possibility for rigging the April 5 elections or even for upsetting the polls in the region.

"In its electronic voter register, the Ministry has included the names of people who have renounced their Moldovan citizenship yet 5 years ago, or have left the republic for good, or died long ago. The Ministry's database is now being checked in Gagauzia localities, and reports are already arriving from there that the number of valid, living voters is going to be considerably smaller than what Chisinau has written", stated the Gagauzia Bashkan.

He remarked with pride that the civil activity of the Gagauzia populace has always been noticeably higher than in any other part of Moldova. Formuzal sees no reason why this tradition should change on April 5.