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Boris Vieru: Agreement conclusion with EU is conditioned by constitutional deadlock overcoming

"The conclusion of agreements on free movement, on free trade and association stipulated with the EU is conditioned by the constitutional deadlock overcoming and political stability ensuring in Moldova", MP of the Liberal Party (LP), Boris Vieru, has said.
INFOTAG, 23 June 2011, 12:49

At a press conference on results of the 13th meeting of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Cooperation Committee on Wednesday, he said that "European parliamentarians sent a respective message to the Moldovan leadership".

"The year 2011 is deciding for Moldova and must be appreciated, first of all in the aspect of the European reform adoption", he said.

Co-Chair of the Committee of Moldova, MP of the LP, Corina Fusu, said that "European leaders stimulate the ruling Alliance to a dialogue to find a political solution that would allow electing the President".

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