City Hall has no instrument to protect monument on Parcalab Street

The City Hall has no legal instruments to stop the demolition of the monument on Vlaicu Parcalab Street, behind the Leogrand Hotel, says Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. “Who should I complain to when the City Hall forbids and someone else allows the destruction of local and national monuments? The City Hall wants to demand those who have destroyed the building to rebuild it in its original form from 1850, not the 1947 one, when it got an additional floor”, he declared during the City Hall meeting on Monday, June 27, Info-Prim Neo reports.
Info-Prim Neo, 27 June 2011, 14:53

Deputy Mayor Nistor Grozavu explained that the City Hall issued a demolition authorization for a nearby building- Mitrolit Varlaam Street, 77. Later, State Enterprise Cadastru merged the two buildings in official documents. Thus, the monument on Vlaicu Parcalab, 71, got the address of the building for which the demolition authorization was issued.

As a result, the Chisinau City Hall annulled its authorization and informed the Prosecutor's Office, the General Police Commissariat and the State Inspection of Construction about the unauthorized demolition of the architectural monument. Nevertheless, the owners continue the demolition of the building.

Vlad Modarca, chief-architect of the city, said he had met the Leogrand Hotel owners and demanded them not to destroy the edifice.

The building on 71 Vlaicu Parcalab Street was included in the Register of state-protected monuments of Moldova by Parliament decision on June 22, 1993.

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