Number of top marks at BAC exams halved, while poor ones doubled

The initial results of the 2011 baccalaureate session show that the number of top marks, 9 and 10, halved compared to the last year. Meanwhile, the number of poor marks doubled. Adrian Ghicov, director of the Agency for Evaluation and Examination, told that the final results would be presented after the deadline for contestations expired.
Info-Prim Neo, 28 June 2011, 10:00

Out of the 142,290 written tests, only 3.25% received a 10, 11.38% got a 9, 21.17% an 8. 32.97% of the works got a 7, 18.08% got a 6 and 9.08% a 5.

4.07% of the tests received lower marks than 5.

The works that obtained maximum or minimum points were re-verified by an intermediate commission. Most likely, a similar commission will be created for next year's session as well.

This year, over 31,000 pupils took the baccalaureate exams in 175 BAC centers.

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