Culture Commission seeks faster amendment of Law on national heritage

The parliamentary commission for culture, education, youth, sport and mass media will create a group of experts in order to speed up the amendment of the Law on protection of national heritage. The announcement was made by the head of the commission, Chiril Lucinschi, during the public debates started because of the demolition of the architectural monument on Vlaicu Parcalab Street.
Info-Prim Neo, 29 June 2011, 10:23

"I hope we'll be able to propose some amendments to the penalties for prohibited demolitions. The current penalties are obsolete", said Lucinschi. "Of course, there are many shady things that must be investigated by the responsible structures", added the MP, referring to the building on Vlaicu Parcalab Street and other demolished monuments.

During the debates, the chief architect of the city, Vlad Modarca, said that the edifice was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, it was the HQ of a bank, then a dance hall. The building was severely damaged during World War II, but was rebuilt afterwards.

Moldpresa and Leogrand Hotel have been accused of demolishing the monument. Alexandr Bilinkis, chairman of the Moldpresa Council, attended the debate and said that further discussions were needed to overcome the problem.

On Monday, June 27, representatives of several NGOs protested outside the City Hall and Leogrand Hotel against the demolition of the architectural monument behind the hotel. They requested the restoration of the monument.

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