Christian Democratic Mayors paying tribute to Communists

The Christian Democratic mayors of various-level localities of Moldova presume that the successes in the towns and villages they head have been achieved lately thank to an efficient cooperation between the Christian Democratic Popular Party and the ruling Communist Party.
INFOTAG, 26 March 2009, 18:56

Chisinau, March 26 ( INFOTAG ). Tudor Cosulet, Mayor of the Ulmu village (Ungheni raion), told a news conference in Infotag today that the effective-most collaboration between local authorities and the central government was in 2005-2009.

"During this period, Christian Democratic mayors realized 219 projects total worth 70 million lei in 146 populated areas, where schools, kindergartens, health and culture centers were repaired. In 2008 alone, 72 projects were implemented, namely worth 10 million lei funded from the State Budget and worth 21 million lei - from the European Union", he said.

Cosulet admitted that the above successes were achieved not entirely thank to the CDPP/MCP cooperation but also by means of attracting European funds that were provided to the Christian Democratic mayors from the Institute of Regional Development and Rural Administering, founded by the CDPP.

"The CDPP's April 4, 2005 decision on collaboration with the Communist Party was taken in Moldovan citizens' favor. In the next Moldovan Parliament, the CDPP will form a union with all parties sharing the Christian Democratic doctrine", said the Ulmu Mayor.

And Mayor of the Festelita village (Stefan Voda raion) Nicolae Tudoreanu stated that throughout his 2 mayoral terms of office, he has always felt support rendered by the CDPP leadership. And "thank to such practice of support for localities, the Christian Democratic Popular Party has developed strength at the local level as well, not only in Chisinau as previously", he said.