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Romania recommends AEI to spend less energy on domestic discords

The governing Alliance for European Integration in the Republic of Moldova should not waste so much vital energy for internal discords and, instead, should concentrate on state reforms, believes Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi.
INFOTAG, 12 July 2011, 10:16

In his interview with the Gindul newspaper of Bucharest, Baconschi said that the governing alliance in Moldova should preserve its unity to be able to proceed with European reforms in the republic.

"The idea of Romania's and of Moldova's friends' from the European Union is clear: the Alliance must preserve its unity. It is necessary to waste less force for internal disputes and to concentrate more on restructuring the state. Romania renders its all-round support at the level of ministries and other governmental agencies to help Moldova carry out European reforms. If the Alliance preserves its unity, and if the Filat Government continues implementing its current country governance program, then I will be optimistic about Moldova's European future", said Teodor Baconschi.

The Romanian diplomacy head presumes there remains a threat of the Communists' comeback into power in Moldova.

But he believes this circumstance is not diminishing the problems, which the Moldovan political elite is supposed to resolve, such as the absence of a president, the risk of having an early parliamentary election, preservation of the pro-Europe-minded reformist governmental coalition, because "in the conditions of democracy, it is extremely important for the political forces, oriented to a dialog with the European Union, to preserve their unity".

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs voiced hope that the next round of consultations on the Transnistria settlement issue, due in Moscow in September, will be a success, though he recognizes that such success may be upset by a presidential campaign in Transnistria and an approaching parliamentary campaign in Russia.

In his words, the European Union should take a more active part in the Transnistrian negotiations, "and Germany has already done this on its own initiative".

"The preservation of a frozen conflict and occupational troops in the European Union's eastern neighbor country causes an economic harm to the entire zone and preserves the potential seat of regional instability, giving no advantages to either side", said Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi.

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