Chisinau budget revenues are 16m lei less than in 2010

Payments to the Chisinau budget reached 960.2 million lei as of beginning of July, which is 16 million lei less than in the equivalent period of 2010.
INFOTAG, 12 July 2011, 10:53

The Director of the Chisinau Primaria's finance department, Veronica Herta, said that 872 million lei are basic revenues.

"Most means - over 600 million lei - were earned from income tax on salaries", Herta said.

She said that over 64 million lei were received from the sale and privatization of municipal property.

"Expenditures reached 1.26 billion lei at the projected of 1.511 billion lei. Most means were assigned for maintenance of educational institutions and remuneration of teaching staff labor (510 million lei), as well as social assistance and payment of compensations (144 million lei)", Herta said.

According to her, the deficit of 60 million lei was covered at the expense of means remained from last year.

The municipal budget 2011 is projected within 1.87 billion lei, and expenses - about 2 billion lei. The deficit is to be covered at the expense of municipal property sale and privatization.

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