Dumitru Diacov does not confirm that PDM was threatened with prosecutor general’s dismissal

The leader of the Democratic parliamentary group Dumitru Diacov neither denied not confirmed the rumors that the PLDM blackmailed the PDM and threatened it with the dismissal of Prosecutor General Valeriu Zubco if the Democrats do not vote in favor of the bill to liquidate the economic courts of law.
Info-Prim Neo, 14 July 2011, 17:52

Asked by the journalists if these rumors are true, Dumitru Diacov gave an evasive answer, saying the term ‘blackmail' is used by the press more often than the politicians. "It is not a good method when somebody demands and the others comply. I did not hear such rumors. The bill to liquidate the economic courts is part of the justice reform that we must implement," said the Democrat lawmaker.

He also said the PDM contributed to the improvement of this bill and voiced hope that it will be passed in second reading.

The bill was adopted in first reading on July 5, after about a year since it was submitted by the PLDM.

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