AEI's main problem is lack of communication between its leaders - Mihai Ghimpu

One of the most important problems of the Alliance for European Integration (AEI) is the lack of communication between its leaders, stated the Chair of the Liberal Party of Moldova (LP), Mihai Ghimpu.
INFOTAG, 19 July 2011, 10:45

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Ghimpu said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM), Prime Minister Vladimir Filat, "never tried to come to an agreement with his colleagues from the AEI".

"In the beginning when we were 4 [AEI-1], the three of us excellently negotiated. Now we are two. It means that God takes away by one. And we will remain the two of us, as the 3rd one does not understand...", Ghimpu said.

According to him, Premier Vladimir Filat arrives at more understanding with the Moldovan Communist Party's (MCP) leader, Vladimir Voronin.

"As Filat is on good terms with Voronin and the Communists, let him create a wide coalition with them. I see he can not hold negotiations with us. But [he] communicates with Voronin freely", the LP leader said.

Ghimpu said that early Parliamentary elections may be held only if 2 parties - the LDPM and the MCP - decide thus.

The LP leader keeps many people in suspense by own statement on that he can no longer keep silent and is willing to tell a shocking truth. It was expected that Ghimpu will make the statement on Monday, July 18, but he abstained so far.

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