Government presidium issue to be discussed in autumn

The bill on the abolition of the Government’s presidium put forward by the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) will be discussed in autumn. There will be set up a working group that will propose a bill to the Government Law that is 15 years old. The leaders of the Alliance for European Integration made related statements after the July 20 meeting of the AEI Council.
Info-Prim Neo, 21 July 2011, 11:20

The head of the Democratic Party (PDM) Marian Lupu said the PLDM did not insist on discussing this subject and it was agreed to return to it in autumn. "If they had insisted that this law be adopted now, it would have been against the agreements signed by the three components of the ruling alliance. It seems to me that this position is peaceful, constructive and judicious," said Marian Lupu.

He also said that the PDM does not consider the presidium to be a problem, but is ready to discuss an updated Government Law. "We do not see the barriers placed by this presidium to the Government's work. During six months, the Government approved 500 secondary laws and the presidium discussed only two or three of them. We proposed following another way. The Government Law has already 15 years and we agreed to create a group that would work hard and would draft a new law during several months," said Marian Lupu.

The Liberal Party head Mihai Ghimpu said the problem does not reside in the presidium, but in the people. "The presidium in the Government is like the Standing Bureau in Parliament. It decides the agenda and I think it should exist. Currently, we do not see the necessity of eliminating it," said Mihai Ghimpu.

In a news conference, the PLDM suggested abolishing the Government's presidium because it negatively affects the functionality of the executive.

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