ROC Patriarch Kirill confirms readiness to come to Gagauzia

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia His Holiness Kirill has officially confirmed his consent to visit Gagauzia in the course of his visit to Moldova scheduled for October 8-12, 2011.
INFOTAG, 25 July 2011, 17:24

The letter, sent to Comrat by protoiereus Nikolai Balashov of the Moscow ROC Patriarchate's Foreign Relations Department, said that His Holiness Kirill has accepted with gratitude the invitation to come to Gagauzia and communicate with local worshippers.

While in Gagauzia, Patriarch Kirill will consecrate the foundation stone in the new temple, which Gagauzia is beginning to build, and which is regarded here as a sign of a true renaissance of Orthodox Christianity in Gagauzia.

On the occasion of Patriarch Kirill's coming, the Gagauzia authorities are preparing a big album with information about and photos of Orthodox shrines and priests of Gagauzia.

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