Moldova increases meat imports and exports

Over first 6 months of this year, Moldova imported 7.4 thousand tons of meat, which is 0.7 thousand tons more as compared with indicator of the equivalent period of 2010
INFOTAG, 27 July 2011, 11:05

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, in the 1H2011 Moldova exported over 1.03 thousand tons of meat, almost doubling its last-year indicator.

In total, the country imported 617 tons and exported over 160 tons of beef. The country exported most beef to Russia and imported from Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

Pork imports reached 775 tons and exports - only 0.16 tons. Most pork was exported from Belgium, Germany and Poland and supplied only to the United Kingdom.

In first 6 months of 2011, mutton imports reached 20 tons and exports - 413 tons. Most products were supplied to Russia.

Poultry imports as well as its entrails reached 5.8 thousand tons and exports - only 11 tons. Most poultry was imported from Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, and exported to the UK and Israel.

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