Moldova is not going to change entry rules for CIS citizens

The rules of entering Moldova shall remain unchanged for citizens from CIS member countries, Honorable Chairman of the Democratic Party and leader of the DP parliamentary faction Dumitru Diacov has stated.
INFOTAG, 28 July 2011, 11:48

The lawmaker expressed strong surprise over "the hysteria being stirred up by some Moldovan and foreign mass media over the bill on state borders, which the Moldovan Parliament has just approved in a first reading only".

Diacov stressed, "This draft law is not simplifying, but is not toughening, either, the regulations on entering the republic by foreigners. These rules have long existed. Simply, now they will acquire the force of a law. By the way, all this is being made to exclude the notorious 'human factor' - possible abusing of office by border guards. The law will stipulate clearly what they may do and what they may not".

The parliamentarian reminded that Moldova has been in active negotiations on the liberalization of visa regime with European Union countries, in plainer words Moldova dreams about cancelation of entry visas for Moldova citizens at their entering these countries.

"Naturally, we have to meet certain conditions. From our part, we must make our territory fully safe - in a sense that it cannot be used as a transit area for illicit entering the European Union, with which Moldova has come to have a common border following Romania's admission to the EU. But this circumstance does not mean that we are changing the rules we have set for CIS countries", said Dumitru Diacov.

Concerning the list of extra documents, which may be demanded from a foreigner to produce in order to substantiate the purpose of his entering the republic, Diacov said that this rule had existed before, too.

"This does not mean that border guards will be demanding from all guests a full list of documents. It is only in case some doubts appear concerning the traveler's personality or purpose of his trip that the border guards may ask about the purpose and may check hotel reservation etc. This rule exists universally, for it has been stipulated in international conventions", said Dumitru Diacov.

"Nobody has seen the law, for it does not exist yet, but many have already started criticizing it. We are supposed to adopt the bill in a second reading yet, when we will consider it article by article. I am sure that somebody is simply trying to make a tempest in a teapot", said Dumitru Diacov.

The bill also envisages re-organization of the Border Guard Service into a Border and Migration Service, and determines the scope of competence of the border officers to work at border-crossing stations.

The press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau, Mikhail Malkov, stated to the local press that it is too early yet to discuss the topic.

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