Liberals reluctant to invest premier with extra powers

The Liberal Party faction, the smallest one in the Moldovan Parliament, today did not let Prime Minister Vladimir Filat acquire extra plenary powers.
INFOTAG, 28 July 2011, 18:01

One of the topics on the plenary meeting agenda on Thursday was a bill according to which the Prime Minister was going to acquire the authority of immediate issuing material means from State Reserves in emergency situations - without waiting for the Government's decision.

The Liberal Democrats and their party leader, Prime Minister Vladimir Filat, think that this right would provide conditions for prompt taking of measure to alleviate and liquidate the consequences of various natural calamities in emergency situations. Chairman of the parliamentary LDPM faction Valeriu Strelet reminded that Vladimir Filat is also the head of the National Commission for Emergencies.

However, the Liberals offered an opinion that the Liberal Democrats are somewhat exaggerating things.

LP leader Mihai Ghimpu stated, "Oh, don't use the salvation of citizens as a substantiation of the need for vaster powers, because for this the Premier can easily convoke an urgent meeting of the Cabinet. Besides this, we in Moldova have the National Commission for Emergencies, which must act quickly and react to force-majeure challenges".

The bill for broadening the Premier's powers was supported by 40 parliamentarians from the Liberal Democratic and Democratic Parties. The Liberals abstained. As a result, the bill was declined.

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