Parliament sets up new commission - for checking civil servants' property and incomes

At its plenary meeting on Thursday, the Moldovan Parliament passed a Law on setting a new body - Integration Commission that will be checking the property of Moldovan civil servants, including Government employees, judges, prosecutors etc.
INFOTAG, 29 July 2011, 9:00

The Integration Commission will consist of 26 members, of whom five will be appointed ones: three - by the parliamentary majority, one - by the parliamentary opposition, and one - by the civil society through a contest. And the rest 21 will be profiled experts selected through a competition, who will form the Commission apparatus.

It is essential that all Commission members must belong to no political party. These must be personalities who have previously held sufficiently high state posts, or were secret informers of officers of the Information and Security Service.

Minister of Justice Oleg Efrim said the Commission will be headed by a chairperson to be elected for 5 years. The above-mentioned five members shall work in it 5 years and only one term of office.

The Commission will be checking officials' statements of income, of property and of personal interests [in these or those organizations or personalities]. The Commission will be checking how the person's declared income corresponds to his property, and will be deciding about addressing to criminal prosecution agencies when need be.

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