Grechanaya stands for Moldova's statehood, independence and sovereignty...

As a presidential candidate, Moldova's acting Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya stands for consolidation of the Republic of Moldova's statehood, independence and sovereignty.
INFOTAG, 20 May 2009, 15:56

Chisinau, Mai 20 ( INFOTAG ). Presenting her electoral platform to Parliament today, she said, "We can ensure a decent living and a good future for our citizenry only in the conditions of our country's statehood, independence and sovereignty, and through bringing up our young generation in the spirit of patriotism and devotion to the Motherland".

Grechanaya spoke also for observance of democratic values and principles of a law-governed state, for cooperation between power branches, including for cooperation of the three power branches with the mass media, "which must provide objective information about situation in the country".

Zinaida Grechanaya stressed the republic must proceed with its European integration course and undertake a series of measures in the context of the EU-Moldova European Neighborhood Policy Action Plan, and must sign a new cooperation agreement with the European Union that would envisage an associated EU membership, freedom of movement for Moldova citizens within the EU area, and a closer cooperation.

The candidate underscored the necessity to solve the Transnistria problem, which "is an indispensable objective in our work to achieve European integration and consolidate Moldova's statehood... I stand for resumption of Transnistria settlement negotiations in the internationally recognized format [of 5+2], and for rapprochement of the two Dniester banks".

Zinaida Grechanaya highlighted the necessity to develop good neighborly relations with foreign countries and observe the neutrality principle. "The principle of neutrality and non-participation in military-political blocs must be strictly observed", she said.

The presidential candidate emphasized the need to invigorate cooperation within international organizations, including the CIS and some regional ones.

She also stressed the need to develop the national economy, withhold the economic crisis, and ensure energy security, and said that "it is necessary to build a social state in Moldova".

"If the Parliament gives a vote of confidence in me, I will be a president for all citizens who respect the statehood of the Republic of Moldova, no matter their political affiliation", said Zinaida Grechanaya.



Chisinau, Mai 20 ( INFOTAG ). The other presidential candidate, Moldova's outstanding neurosurgeon academician Stanislav Groppa also presented his electoral platform in Parliament today, and, in particular, spoke for improving the population's health and consolidation of the institution of family.

Groppa stands for consolidation of a law-governed state in Moldova, for real independence of the judiciary and the mass media, for human right observance.

He stressed the need for forming an efficient and professional Government, for combating corruption, and for creating proper conditions for foreign investment.

"We need to work out an anti-crisis program that would provide for creating jobs, including for our gastarbeiters coming back home due to the economic crisis developing in European countries", he said.

Academician Groppa presented a whole program how to underpin sciences and researches in Moldova, to strengthen people's health, and provide support for large families. He spoke for European integration and signing new agreements with the European Union that would stipulate a free movement across Europe for citizens of Moldova.

Stanislav Groppa said, "When a patient is in a serious condition, an enlarged consultation of doctors is usually convoked. I guess Moldova is in need of such consultative forum, and I am ready to head it. The country needs emergency decisions. I do not belong to any political party, and I don't go in for political gamesmanship. I am ready to become a link between two hostile extremities to make them fulfill their duty - collaborate for the nation's sake".

As Infotag has already reported earlier today, Grechanaya received 60 ballots of the majority Communist faction, and Stanislav Groppa, who was proposed for the candidacy by Communists, too, - not a single one. The opposition (41) boycotted the election.