Premier Grechanaya remains Communists' main presidential candidate

Moldova's acting Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya remains the ruling Communist Party's main candidate for president at the second round of elections scheduled for May 28.
INFOTAG, 20 May 2009, 18:50

Chisinau, Mai 20 ( INFOTAG ). Moldova's outgoing President, MCP leader and Parliament Chairman Vladimir Voronin told journalists after the forum's plenary sitting that despite the first unsuccessful election attempt today, the Communist Party will again nominate Zinaida Grechanaya as a candidate for head of state.

"I would like to thank Mr. Stanislav Groppa for his participation in the poll today. For a new election next week, we will nominate another counter-candidate", Voronin said.

Asked by the journalists if the Communist Party is really trying to bribe oppositional deputies to thus buy the missing 'golden ballot', Vladimir Voronin replied, "It's the opposition who goes in for bribing. They have not learnt how to cooperate, and they reject dialog. It's them who organized illicit privatization and corruption".

The head of state further held that in the current conditions of an economic crisis, the opposition's refusal to vote is only bringing damage to the country.

"An economic crisis is impending on the country, and those games by the opposition are very dangerous. The Parliament is not working. Laws would not be passed. The Government has no right to adopt Resolutions, solve personnel or other questions. All this has a very bad impact on the state of things in the country", said President Voronin.

Zinaida Grechanaya stated she did not expect that not even a single oppositional deputy would vote for her, and "I thought they would demonstrate an understanding of the current situation and would act wiser".

If new President fails to be elected on May 28, too, incumbent President Voronin will have to disband the just elected new legislative forum and announce a new parliamentary election. Until the date when this would-be Parliament elects a new President and inaugurates him or her, Vladimir Voronin will continue acting as President of the Republic of Moldova.


Chisinau, Mai 20 ( INFOTAG ). The Moldovan opposition has demonstrated its unity and courage by refusing to take part in electing president, Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat stated to the press today.

He emphasized that only through a new, early, free and correct election the republic can receive a really representative and legitimate parliament that would elect a president representing all citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

He said the Liberal Democratic Party is not simply insisting on a new parliamentary election but is working to create conditions for such poll, though "a great pressure is being put on oppositional parliamentarians. The present-day psychological atmosphere in Parliament is awful, and we need support", he said.

"One should not look for traitors. Instead, it is necessary to consolidate oppositional forces, create an atmosphere enabling us to overcome this hard way to a new parliamentary election that would bring a result reflecting the citizenry's will", said Vlad Filat.


Chisinau, Mai 20 ( INFOTAG ). The Moldova Noastra Alliance shall not support any presidential candidate from the ruling Communist Party, and personalities don't matter here, MNA leader Serafim Urechean stated to the press today.

He said the Alliance had decided so once and forever for one simple reason: this Parliament was elected with gross violations of the legislation and thank to election rigging, therefore the forum may not be regarded as legal, and needs to be re-elected.

"We are consistently implementing the MNA leadership's decision as well as accords achieved with the rest opposition factions [Liberal and Liberal Democratic], with whom we will form a coalition in new parliament", Urechean said.

He remarked that according to a common practice, presidential candidates should have met with the opposition to present their electoral platforms and to discuss them, "but they did not, and thus they violated the Parliament's Standing Orders".

Urechean accused the Communists of their ignoring even the recommendations given by European organizations, and of unwillingness to enter into a dialog with the opposition. He thinks that the authorities must deal with the opposition, and that "a return to the negotiating table does not yet mean a betrayal of the nation".


Chisinau, Mai 20 ( INFOTAG ). On Wednesday, the Liberal Party faction refrained from electing a new president of Moldova in protest against the Communists' rigging the April 5 parliamentary elections and against the Communist authorities' arbitrariness after the elections.

Liberal MP Corina Fusu stated in parliament today the April 5 election results had been falsified by the Communist authorities at a large scale, but Moldovan courts did not take that circumstance into account.

"The peaceful and spontaneous protesting [of April 6-7] was skillfully channeled into violence and vandalism with respect to the buildings of Parliament and presidential administration... After that, the authorities resorted to violence, arrests, persecution, bruising, tortures, murdering of people", she said.

"Our Communist authorities have thus compromised the very European path of the Republic of Moldova by neglecting fundamental human rights and freedoms, independence of the judiciary, and freedom of the press", said the LP parliamentarian.