Contenders for Parliament spent over US$2.5 million at april 5 election - CEC

The 21 contenders for the Moldovan Parliament, namely 15 parties and 6 independent candidates, spent a total of 28.7 million lei for their 2009 parliamentary campaigns, the Central Election Commission has reported.
INFOTAG, 21 May 2009, 19:13

Chisinau, Mai 21 ( INFOTAG ). The largest expenditures were with the ruling Communist Party - 6.76 million lei. The Social Democratic Party spent 4.36 million lei, the Moldova Noastra Alliance - 4.14 million lei, the Liberal Democratic Party 4.14 million lei, and the Actiunea Europeana [European Action] socio-political movement - 2.58 million lei.

The Democratic Party spent 1.86 million lei, the Liberal Party - 1.67 million lei, the Christian Democratic Popular Party 1.38 million lei, and all the rest political formations - under 1 million lei, of which the Centrist Union of Moldova, headed by previous Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev accounted for 890.7 thousand lei.

Of the said 15 organizations, three formations have not spent even a single leu on the elections, the CEC said. These are the Party "Pentru Neam si Tara" ["For People and Country"], the Patria-Rodina Labor Union, and the Republican Party.

Out of the six independent candidates, the highest investment was made by Balti Municipal Council member Sergiu Banari - 102.2 thousand lei, while Alexander Lomakin and Valentina Cusnir did not use a leu.

By law, parties had the right to spend for elections maximum 12 million lei each, and independent candidates - maximum 500 thousand lei.