Marian Lupu to head Democratic Party list of candidates

Former Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Marian Lupu, who quitted the ruling Communist Party last week, will head the list of candidates of the Democratic Party at the forthcoming early parliamentary elections.
INFOTAG, 15 June 2009, 19:24

Chisinau, June 15 ( INFOTAG ). This was decided and announced last Saturday, after Lupu had met with the DP leadership and heads of the party's regional subdivisions.

Party Chairman Dumitru Diacov said, on Saturday the Democrats discussed participation in the elections and possibility of Marian Lupu's standing at the head of the DP ticket.

"Mr. Lupu took notice of the fact that all our structures are unanimous in the opinion that he should head the party list. He thanked us for the offer, and said he would declare his decision officially at a news conference later on Monday", said Diacov.

He further held that changes in the DP leadership may take place shortly after the elections at a party congress that may vote for electing Marian Lupu chairman of the Democratic Party. Already on the second day after Lupu had left the Communist Party, Diacov announced his readiness to give his party post to Marian Lupu.

As Infotag has come to know, Lupu put forward several conditions to the DP leadership. In particular, he spoke out for having a new generation of young people "having a positive political image" at the head of the Democratic Party.

Last week, Lupu strongly criticized the ruling Communist Party for its conservatism and stated he was leaving because the party "is incapable of reforming". In reply, the unchangeable party leader, President of Moldova and Speaker of Parliament Vladimir Voronin stated Lupu left the party for an egoistic reason - because he was not nominated as candidate for president.

In his turn, Mark Tkachuk [before the start of the 2009 parliamentary campaign - the Political Advisor to Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin for several years, and currently the head of the Communist Party's electoral headquarters] stated first that the departure of Marian Lupu, like any other party member, is certainly a loss for the party. However, already the following day Tkachuk stated the party had not actually felt Lupu's absence in any way.

In the run-up to the 2009 parliamentary elections, the MCP leadership maintained that in case of victory at the elections, Marian Lupu would be elected President of Moldova. Later, however, the Communists nominated Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya as the MCP candidate for presidency, which could not indeed make Lupu very happy.

Experts presume that Lupu's departure is undoubtedly a loss for the governing party, and this may take away 10-15% votes from the MCP at the approaching elections.